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The Dream is Over

Our production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Caversham Court Gardens was a great success, although we had to disappoint some playgoers with some performances selling out. "Magical" was the word many used to describe the riverside setting, staged under one of the great trees on the lawn of the Gardens. 

Titania, Bottom and fairies - credit Richard Brown

It's extremely hard work for the cast and crew; in addition to the long rehearsal schedule, and leafletting at other events to promote the show, they have to lug tents, props and costumes to the site at the start of each show and pack it all away again after each performance. But it's all worthwhile when you can delight an audience.

Hilarious mechanicals, funny lovers, beautiful graceful and melodious fairies, a sinister, malevolent Oberon and some quirky and endearing royals at the court of Theseus - all played their parts so magnificently.

The show featured specially commissioned music and elaborate costumes on which Progress wardrobe volunteers worked long and hard.

Went to Caversham Court to see the open air production of Midsummer Night's Dream which, heretofore,has been one of my least favourite Shakespearean plays, although it is my friend's favourite, and was a present for her birthday. So, feeling like I was there somewhat under sufferance, I did not expect to enjoy it. It was outstanding! Set in the stunning Caversham Court gardens, with a beautiful backdrop of the River Thames, the characters came to life and delivered the play with panache. The lines were delivered beautifully, with verve and passion; the costumes were fabulous and the actors so accomplished it is impossible to choose a favourite. If you can get to see it, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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