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Art & Design


We love being part of a creative community made up of many talents. If you’re a passionate artist looking to show off your skills, you can use our space to display your work, or get involved in one of our many artwork competitions.



Design Competition

Design Competitions


How Do I Enter?

What Do I Win?

  • An exclusive invitation to the Preview Night for that show
  • A complimentary drink and a copy of the programme
  • Full credit as the artist
  • A mention in the programme



The 15th Annual Writefest

Submissions Deadline: 12 November 2021


An evening of six short plays:

  • A3, by Neil Jarvis
  • Death by Misadventure, by Liz Carroll
  • Factory Children, by Matthew Beswick
  • The Fisherman & His Wife, by Steph Gunner-Lucas
  • A Shot a Life, by Neil Jarvis
  • A Thousand Words, by Adrian Tang


Progress Premieres

Submissions Deadline: 22 October 2021


Two new plays, with an interval between:

Moles, by Sarah Wright
Set in a bunker in the London Underground, Moles is a World War Two drama about the staff who supervised the railways during the war. It follows their day to day lives until it is revealed one of them is not all they seem.

Liar's Teeth, by Emily Goode
Two fibbers, who just can’t help themselves, in a world where anything from the smallest white-lie to the hugest tall-tales, are punishable by imprisonment. This dark comedy-drama examines disinformation and making the best of a bad situation, and comes from the writer of WriterBird (‘Entertaining genius.’ - Reading Chronicle), and Scenes Cut (‘Superbly scripted.’ - Whitley Pump).


Yous Two, by Georgia Christou

Submissions Deadline: 23 December 2021



Fifteen-year-old Billie has lived with her dad in their little flat for as long as she can remember, but all that's about to change. She's got big plans – get Dad a job, sort out her grades, and live in a house with five bathrooms. But one reckless night threatens to undo all her hard work and derail her ambitions… When it’s always been the two of you, how easy is it to get out, or to let anyone else in? What happens when those you should depend on, need you more than you need them.


Catch-22, by Joseph Heller

Submissions Deadline: 21 January 2021



The pacing of Catch-22 is frenetic, its tenor intellectual, and its humour largely absurd, though interspersed with moments of grisly realism. The absurdity of war and military life are examined through the experiences of Captain John Yossarian and his cohorts, who attempt to maintain their sanity while fulfilling their service requirements so that they may return home. Most events occur while the airmen of the Fighting 256th (or "two to the fighting eighth power") Squadron are based on the island of Pianosa, west of Italy.


Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens

Submissions Deadline: 20 May 2021



Charles Dickens' celebrated epic novel comes to life in this all new adaptation. Reading Abbey Ruins is the perfect backdrop for one of the greatest British novels ever written. Join Pip, Magwitch and Miss Haversham on a beautiful summer evening in this picturesque setting.



Art in the Foyer

During each of our shows, we turn our foyer into an exhibition room showcasing work by local artists. This opportunity is open to all, and there is no hanging fee. We do, however, retain a 20% commission on all artwork sold.

We’re interested in artwork in all media, but due to limited space can only accept arrangements that can be hung on the walls.

For more information or to book your space, please contact our Art Co-ordinator, Chris Moran: [email protected]

Previous displays by Trish Grimes and Peter Swain