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Open Auditions

Progress auditions are open to members, all ex-members, and non-members residing within 10 miles of Progress.

If you are cast for a show, you will need to become a member, this is for legal and safety reasons.


Progress Theatre is committed to the principles of inclusion, and roles are open to all, including any age, gender identity, disability or ethnicity. Although some characters may be historical figures, auditionees of different ethnicities, disabilities and gender identities are encouraged to audition. We are committed to improving our access to all and would love to welcome you to the Progress community. Please get in touch at [email protected], to let us know if you have any access/inclusion requirements or concerns including (but not exclusive to): disability, gender, race, sexuality, gender identity, age, or financial aid.


Auditions for 'The Last Quiz Night on Earth'

It's the end of the world. The last night on Earth. An asteroid is heading straight for us and there's nothing we can do about it.

Except for maybe host a pub quiz – which is exactly what landlady Kathy and her quizmaster Rav are doing. But, with time ticking, some unexpected guests explode on the scene – Bobby wants to settle old scores, and Fran wants one last shot at love.

Alison Carr's play The Last Quiz Night on Earth is an innovative comedy-drama featuring a fully interactive pub quiz for the audience to participate in, complete with real teams, real questions and real swapping each other's answers for marking.

‘The end-of-the-world quiz waits for no man, literally. Onwards, ever onwards, to our fiery decline. Round three…'

Intimacy Notes: The characters of Fran and Rav do share a kiss at one point in the play. Auditionees are not expected to kiss at audition. If you have any questions about this please contact us.


  • Thursday 16 November, 7pm at Progress Theatre, The Mount, Reading RG1 5HL
  • Sunday 19 November 1pm at Progress Theatre, The Mount, Reading RG1 5HL

(Auditionees may be invited to attend a callback on Monday 20 November 7pm at United Reformed Church, Palmer Park Avenue. If you are not invited to the callback or are unable to attend it, this DOES NOT mean you won't be cast)
Feel free to attend either session, you don't need to prepare anything in advance and the auditions are open to all. There is flexibility in age, race and gender for casting. If you have any questions, would like to be considered but can't make the audition dates, or if you would like to see audition pieces in advance, please contact director Stephanie Gunner-Lucas on [email protected]


Kathy (F, 30s-50s) - Landlady of The Four Horsemen pub, outgoing, gregarious, a warm and jovial hostess. She has a firm sense of boundaries however, and she will kick you out if you start getting lairy!

Rav (M, 20s) - Barman and Quiz Master extraordinaire! Quirky and comedic, Rav is the life of the party but has absolutely no chill when it comes to the seriousness of quizzing.

Bobby (M, 30s-50s) - Kathy's estranged brother, who turns up at the pub out of the blue. A blokey bloke, a bit rigid in his thinking and initially struggles to see things from other people's point of view, but deep down he really cares and has a vulnerable core.

Fran (F, 20s) - Rav's childhood sweetheart, who also turns up at the pub after years of no contact, looking to rekindle their relationship. She is a bit flightly and disordered at first, but definitely not silly or stupid, just in the grip of a romantic notion about how her last night on earth could go.


Audition Pieces: you do not need to do any preparation for the auditions, but some pieces may be available in advance - please reach out to request these. If desired, feel free to request to borrow a copy of the script also, ahead of auditions.

Intimacy Notes: Kissing is required between some characters. If this may be an issue, please do let us know and ask for more detail.


Rehearsals will be approx. 3 times a week: 2 weekday evenings and 1 weekend afternoon. You may not be required for every rehearsal, and we can work with your availability - within reason. 
You must be available for the performance dates 11-16 March 2024, and the 3 weekends running up to this date for Technical Rehearsals and Dress Runs.