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Jesus Christ Superstar (2018) - Photo by Richard Brown

Open Auditions

Progress auditions are open to members, all ex-members, and non-members residing within 10 miles of Progress.

If you are cast for a show, you will need to become a member, this is for legal and safety reasons.


Progress Theatre is committed to the principles of inclusion, and roles are open to all, including any age, gender identity, disability or ethnicity. Although some characters may be historical figures, auditionees of different ethnicities, disabilities and gender identities are encouraged to audition. We are committed to improving our access to all and would love to welcome you to the Progress community. Please get in touch at [email protected], to let us know if you have any access/inclusion requirements or concerns including (but not exclusive to): disability, gender, race, sexuality, gender identity, age, financial aid. 


16th Writefest

There are six amazing, diverse short plays in this year’s Writefest which will be performed 2-5 November 2022 (Wednesday to Saturday)  with a Saturday matinee.

Note that the audition dates have changed: 20 August audition date is canceled and we will hold auditions at Progress Theatre for all 6 plays on

Thursday 25 August at 7.00pm

An Angel with One Wing by Paul Gallantry
History. A Tudor mystery, a religious relic and local legend combine as an ancient shrine is torn down.
1m, 40s+. 3 any gender & age.

Albatross by David Pearson
Drama. Out at sea, two daughters go in search of the mythical beast from their father’s tales.
2f, 20s-40s.

Missing by Debra J Wilson
Comedy. A bride has disappeared, as has a sheep. The bridesmaids seem more concerned than the
2f, 20s-30s. 1m 50s+.

Heart of Lightness by Robert Kibble
Comedy. Perception can be a funny thing. How would you react when the lights go out? One train, no
power, two very different reactions.
Cast 1: 2f, 20s-30s.
Cast 2: 1f, 20s-30s. 1m, 20s-30s.

How Gentle is the Rain by Philip Mannion
Drama. Mother and daughter suffer, as so many have, in the centre of a warzone. The Chorus watch,
comment, enact. Includes scenes of abuse, enquire further as needed.
1f, 40s+. 1f, Teens. 1-3 any gender or age.

Airborne by David Salisbury
Thriller. A Co-Pilot’s flight is interrupted by a frantic intruder who reveals some terrifying information.
1f, 30s. 1f, 40s-50s.

Contact [email protected] if you would like to audition but cannot attend at 7.00pm on 25 August and we will see what we can arrange.

Please complete this audition form 


The Welkin, by Lucy Kirkwood

Directed by Steph Dewar

Audition Dates: Sunday 18 September 2:30pm, and Wednesday 21 September 7:30pm - both are in the Foyer at Progress Theatre

Rehearsals Dates: begin early October

Performance Dates: 20 - 28 January 2023

There is no need to prepare anything for the auditions, but pieces can be requested in advance by emailing [email protected]


“Rural Suffolk, 1759. As the countryside waits for Halley's Comet, Sally Poppy is sentenced to hang for a heinous murder. When she claims to be pregnant, a jury of twelve matrons are taken from their housework to decide whether she's telling the truth, or simply trying to escape the noose... With only midwife Lizzy prepared to defend the girl, and a mob baying for blood outside, the matrons wrestle with their new authority, and the devil in their midst...

A superb new history play - a feminist courtroom drama with a dash of searing, up-to-the-minute political and social commentary... a warm, humane and very funny piece, firmly anchored in women's everyday experience.”

The Welkin is a fantastic opportunity for a large, female ensemble cast – each member of the jury is present for almost the entirety of the play. Ages below are approximate, casting is very flexible.

Note: The play does discuss themes of miscarriage which some may find distressing – please contact the director for more information.


  • Sally Poppy – F, 21 (The accused)
  • Elizabeth Luke – F, 30s (Midwife, advocate for Sally, reluctantly part of the jury)

The Jury of Matrons:

  • Judith Brewer – F, 50s+, menopausal
  • Charlotte Cary – F, 50s+ (pretends to be a well-to-do Colonels wife, but is a widowed housekeeper)
  • Kitty Givens – F, 20s (Scottish)
  • Helen Ludlow – F, 40s, Suffered 12 miscarriages & 1 stillborn child
  • Sarah Hollis – F, 40s – mute for the first half of the play
  • Emma Jenkins – F, 30s/40s
  • Ann Lavender – F, 20s
  • Mary Middleton – F, 25, pregnant
  • Hannah Rusted – F, 20s
  • Sarah Smith – F, 83
  • Peg Carter – F, 20s/30s, pregnant

Other Characters:

  • Mr Coombes – M, 30s/40s (Present for most of the play, but isn’t permitted to speak in the court house)
  • Frederick Poppy – M, 20s/30s (Sallys husband – Small role, may double)