Lessons in Life

Lessons in Life

19 - 21 May 2021  |  7.45pm  |  Online

Directed by Beckie Moir & Lara Collins

A collection of monologues from across the ages, from Shakespeare to Chekhov to Amanda Whittington. An array of colourful characters showing us snippets of their emotional journeys in life and the lessons they’ve learnt.

  • Anthony and Cleopatra' William Shakespeare  ~ Melanie Sherwood plays Cleopatra
  • 'My Mother Said I Never Should' Charlotte Keatley  ~ Emma Starling plays Jackie
  • 'To the Green Fields Beyond' Nick Whitby  ~ Adam Lines plays Ain
  • 'Colder Than Here' Laura Wade  ~ Mikhail Franklin plays Alec
  • 'Alice' Laura Wade  ~ Amelia Sammons plays Alice
  • 'Ladies Down Under' Amanda Whittington  ~ Niall Costello plays Koala
  • 'Ageless' Benjamin Kuffuor  ~ Max Hijmering plays Temples
  • 'Electra' Sophocles  ~ Ali Carroll plays Clytemnestra
  • 'Oedipus the King' Euripides  ~ Paul Gallantry plays Oedipus
  • 'The Seagull' Anton Chekhov ~ Anita Sandhu plays Nina

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So it lands as a rawer and much more personal experience, especially in the more nakedly emotional pieces such as Jackie’s monologue from Charlotte Keatley’s “My Mother Said I Never Should” (performed by Emma Starling), and Alec’s monologue from Laura Wade’s “Colder Than Here” – a performance by Mikhail Franklin that reminded me of the excellent “Talking Heads” series by Alan Bennett, and which is worth the price of admission alone.
~ Michael Beakhouse at Wokingham.Today
A diverse selection that showcases the members of the company.
~ Trish Lee at Newbury Today


Location: Live digital performance via Zoom Webinar. Closed captions available.

Content warning: Contains strong language

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Tickets:  £5

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