Wyrd Sisters

by Terry Pratchett
adapted by Stephen Briggs

Three witches

16-25 January 2020

Performances at 7.45pm, doors open 7.15pm

Saturday matinées at 2.30pm, doors open 2pm

The ever-popular (Sir) Terry Pratchett OBE makes a welcome return to the stage at Progress Theatre, in another wonderful adaptation by Stephen Briggs. If you like your comic fantasy turned up to the maximum you will be delighted with this show. The many people who loved our production of Maskerade will be delighted to see the return of those memorable characters, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, in this tale of witches and royalty, loosely based on Macbeth. Very loosely. 

The ambitious wife of Duke Felmet persuades him to murder his cousin, King Verence I of Lancre. An escaping servant gives the King's crown and child to three witches. They hand the child to a troupe of travelling actors and hide the crown in the props-box. So destiny can take its course and the child can one take his rightful place as king, right? Well things are never simple with these witches.

People have travelled from far afield to see our previous productions of Pratchett's Discworld works, so book early to avoid disappointment.


Magrat Garlick - Yvonne Newton
Granny Weatherwax - Melanie Sherwood
Nanny Ogg - Liz Carroll
Soldier - Yann Guillet
Bentzen the Bowman - Iesa Khan
2nd Soldier - Guy Nicholls
Duke Felmet  - Jack Goodman
Lady Felmet - Ali Carroll
Chamberlain - Joe Morbey
Sergeant - Jordan Emmett
Actor - Yann Guillet
Olwyn Vitoller - Adam Lines
Mrs Vitoller - Lara Collins
Fool - Dean Stephenson
Jason Ogg - Adam Lines
Nev Ogg  - Jordan Emmett
Demon - George Prové
King Verence  - Trevor Dale
Peasants - Lara Collins, Yann Guillet, Flora Paulo, Rowena Sterry, Maddie Udale-Clarke
Guard 1 (Champett Poldy) - Iesa Khan
Guard 2 - Guy Nicholls
Guard 3 - Adam Lines
Guard 4 (Hron) - Jordan Emmett
Tomjon - George Prové
Hwel  - Joe Morbey
Robber 1 - Maddie Udale-Clarke
Robber 2 - Iesa Khan
Robber 3 - Flora Paulo
Players - Lara Collins, Jordan Emmett, Yann Guillet, Guy Nicholls, Flora Paulo, Rowena Sterry, Maddie Udale-Clarke
Actor (off) - Adam Lines
Witch 1 - Maddie Udale-Clarke
Witch 2 - Flora Paulo
Witch 3 - Rowena Sterry
Wimsloe - Jordan Emmett
Bedlin  - Guy Nicholls 
Gumridge  - Lara Collins
Guard - Maddie Udale-Clarke

Directed by Chris Moran


"Wyrd Sisters under Chris Moran’s creative direction is vibrant and polished — and very, very funny. This production makes for a thoroughly entertaining night out — it’s a triumph!" – Susan Creed, The Henley Standard

"Progress Theatre brings Pratchett’s creations to life with vivid hilarity in a production that does justice to its venerated source material without losing accessibility for viewers unfamiliar with Discworld."  – The Spark Newspaper

"...a two hour ride of laughter, witty dialogue, and excellent direction by Chris Moran and wonderful characterful performances. It brought me joy."  – The Whitley Pump

Wyrd Sisters Sneak Peek