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Buddy Cop 2

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Adult: £12, Concessions: £10
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Written by Paul Thureen and Hannah Bos
Developed by Oliver Butler

13-18 November 2017, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open at 7.15pm.

Two cops...in the kind of quiet little town where a kid dreams of growing up to be a fireman. Or a racecar driver. Where the only question you ask yourself at the end of the day is if you're gonna knock back your cold one at Swanky's, Spanky's, or Zingers. A town where neighbours pitch in to help neighbours in need, and where if you wake up in the middle of the night...you should keep your eyes closed. Because the man in red is there in the corner. Watching you. Smiling at you with his yellow eyes and black teeth. Best to pretend you're still asleep.

When a flood destroys the police station, the local cops set up shop in the nearby community centre, in this early 80s comedic action/mystery of holiday nostalgia and athletic rigour.

Review from The Whitley Pump

The Progress Theatre serves a slice of small-town America in the charmingly offbeat Buddy Cop 2... 

It is atwinkle with fairy lights and gaudy tinsel as the tiny burg of Shandon have decided to celebrate Xmas...

The underlying darkness is lifted by wonderfully comedic moments...

They laugh a little, flirt a little, play racquetball a little, then suddenly, without warning, the plot takes an unexpected turn. It is a fizzling bombshell that will shock and perturb.



Darlene Novak Elisse Power
Don McMurchie   Alex McCubbin
Terry Olsen Charles West
Skylar/Brandi Isabel Mayes

Directed by Dan Clarke

Buddy Cop 2 cast portraits

Buddy Cop 2 script sample

Buddy Cop  2


This amateur production of “Buddy Cop 2” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

♫ Moscow Drug Club

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Moscow  Drug Club

Friday 24 November at 7.30pm

  • Katya Gorrie vocals
  • Jonny Bruce trumpet
  • Mirek Salmon accordion 
  • Will Edmunds guitar 
  • Andy Crowdy bass

Moscow Drug Club is a curious musical place where certain elements of 1930’s Berlin Cabaret, Hot Club de France, Nuevo Tango & Gypsy Campfire meet, have a few to drink and stagger arm in arm into the darkness of some eastern European cobbled street on a mission to find the bar where Django Reinhardt & Tom Waits are having an after hours jam with the local Tziganes.

Combining their original material with songs by the likes of Jaques Brel, Leornard Cohen, Tom Waits & Bertolt Brecht, Moscow Drug Club provide an intoxicating & intimate musical experience. You are cordially invited to share a wry smile with us as you enter the darkly comic world of Moscow Drug Club…..this way please and mind the stairs!

The band is much in demand and has appeared at numerous festivals and venues such as WOMAD and the Royal Albert Hall. We are delighted to have been able to bring them back once more to the Progress Theatre.

Review comments include statements like “Absolute knock out performance!” “Artfully designed for success!” and “Best music entertainment we’ve ever seen!”

See why here:

The Picture of Dorian Gray

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or call 0118 384 2169
Telephone sales will cost an additional £1.50

adapted by Ali and Liz Carroll from the novel by Oscar Wilde

Fresh apple reflected rotten in mirror

12-16 December 2017, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open at 7.15pm.

Progress Youth Theatre bring Oscar Wilde's famous novel to the stage with this new adaptation.

Dorian is a good-natured young man until he discovers the power of his own exceptional beauty. As he gradually sinks deeper into a frivolous, glamorous world of selfish luxury, he apparently remains physically unchanged by the stresses of his corrupt lifestyle and untouched by age. But up in his attic, hidden behind a curtain, his portrait tells a different story.

Directed by Ali Carroll


By Terry Pratchett. Adapted by Stephen Briggs

18-27 January 2018, performances at 7.45pm
with matinées at 2.30pm on 20 and 27 January.
Doors open 30 minutes earlier.

All is not well in the Ankh-Morpork Opera House. A ghost stalks the dark corridors, leaving strange letters for the management and ... killing people. Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, two Lancre witches, investigate, and are soon involved in all kinds of skulduggery, mayhem and ear-splittingly loud  singing. Quirky and original characters, a labyrinthine plot and numerous witty one-liners make this a treat for Discworld fans and Pratchett newbies alike.

Audition: 2pm Sun 17 Sep or 7.30pm Wed 20 Sep

Directed by Christine Moran

Maskerade script sample


This amateur production of “Maskerade” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

A Clockwork Orange

by Anthony Burgess

19-24 February 2018, performances at 7.45pm
with a matinée on 24 February at 2.30pm.
Doors open 30 minutes earlier.

Alex and his vicious teenage gang revel in horrific violence, mugging and gang rape. Alex also revels in the music of Beethoven. The Gang communicate in a slang language that is as twisted as their outlook on life. When a drug-fuelled night of fun ends in murder, Alex is finally busted and banged up. He is given a choice - be brainwashed into good citizenship and set free, or face a lifetime inside.

This is a stage version of the infamous cult novel by Anthony Burgess, adapted by the author himself.


  • Alex - Josh Boden
  • Minister of the Interior - Peter Cook
  • Georgie - Daniel Brown 
  • Dim - Megan Turnell
  • Pete - Faith Mansfield
  • Deltoid  - Katie Moreton
  • Chaplain - Debarshi Bandyopadhyay
  • Brodsky - Sadie Whitlow
  • Comedian - Jody Shortland
  • Alexander - Dylan Yates
  • Marty - Natasha Hall

Directed by Matt Tully


This amateur production of “A Clockwork Orange" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

Mother Courage and Her Children

By Bertholt Brecht
Translated by Tony Kushner

19-24 March 2018, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open at 7.15pm.

Remaining a powerful indictment of war and social injustice, this is an epic drama set in the seventeenth century during the Thirty Years War. We follow the resilient Mother Courage who survives by running a commissary business that profits from all sides. As the war claims all of her children in turn, the play poignantly demonstrates that no one can profit from the war without being subject to its terrible cost.

Progress joins forces with our Youth Theatre to create a cast that spans the ages, to tell a story that spans the ages.



This amateur production of “Mother Courage and Her Children” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

Little Gem

By Elaine Murphy

16-21 April 2018, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open at 7.15pm.

Kay’s husband, Gem, has suffered a recent stroke and so is emotionally and physically distant from her, requiring homecare and is unable to feed or dress himself.  Lorraine has experienced something of an emotional break-down in work and has been encouraged by her employers to seek therapy, and Amber who abuses alcohol and cocaine, has recently started dating the wayward Paul. We follow the three through a series of emotional ups and downs, which ultimately bring them closer together.

Directed by Steph Dewar


Presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books

Progress Premieres 2018

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Adult: £12, Concessions: £10
or call 0118 384 2169
Telephone sales will cost an additional £1.50

Progress Premieres 201816-19 May 2018, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open at 7.15pm.

Progress brings more new writing to the stage with two new one-act plays:

Sh!t by Liz Carroll

Edie is in a wheelchair unable to speak or move. She is helpless apart from her one weapon - sh!t which she uses against the abusive charge nurse.  Tom is a trainee therapist - eager to use his communication board.  He stirs memories - but what is real and what are Edie’s romantic fantasies?The woman in the box challenges Edie to remember.  The layers are peeled away and the sadness and horror of Edie’s real story emerges.

Director Aidan Moran

Recovery Position by Anthony Travis

A phone call brings the traumas of Francis’ past back to haunt him, and sets him on a voyage to confront them. But his journey home takes an unexpected turn, a turn that may lead to him away from healing and towards mental disintegration. But how much of what he tells us is real, and how much in his head? And will his ghosts finally be laid to rest?

Director Ali Carroll

Happy Jack

By John Godber

11-16 June 2018, performances at 7.45pm
Matinée at 2.30pm on 16 June
Doors open 30 minutes earlier

Happy Jack is a funny and touching play about Jack and Liz, a couple inspired by John Godber’s own grandparents. Weaving through 60 years of marriage, the pair introduce us to the characters they have known in their Yorkshire mining village and take us through love, sadness, anger, joy and conflict, from courtship to retirement and much in between. 

"Neat, touching and joyously celebratory" - Financial Times
"There’s a truthful timeless quality to this little piece of Yorkshire social history that isn’t showing its age at all" - British Theatre Guide

Directed by Helen Wernham


This amateur production of “Happy Jack” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.


Poetry of War

3-7 July 2018, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open 7.15pm

An evening of performance poetry to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Progress Youth Theatre, the creative talent that devised The Hidden Truth brings you a story of personal, political and social conflict through the medium of verse.

Published and devised poems are interwoven with a narrative following the lives of five generations of a family facing war through the ages since the outbreak of World War 1 – “The war to end all wars”.


Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

in the Open Air at Caversham Court Gardens

11-21 July 2018

Enjoy an open-air production.of this great Shakespearean comedy - although with a touch of darkness. Bring something to sit on and perhaps a picnic for a classic summer evening by the river at Caversham Court Gardens.

Leonato welcomes friends back from war. His daughter, Hero, is in love with Claudio. His niece, Beatrice, verbally spars with Benedict. Can their friends conspire to bring them together? Will Leonato’s brother, Don John, succeed in driving Claudio and Hero apart? Can the watchmen overcome their incompetence to bring out the truth?

Directed by Trevor Dale