Progress Premieres 2019


Progress Premieres 2019

1-4 May 2019, performances at 7.45pm

Two original plays get their premiere on the Progress stage.

Equivocators by Dan Clarke 

Set during the aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, William Shakespeare arrives at the home of Ben Jonson in search of the missing pages of the Scottish play he is writing.


Ben - Alex McCubbin
Will - Christopher Dangerfield

Director Kate Shaw
Assistant Director Rebecca Douglas

Peter's Wife by Christine Moran

Maria is desperate to have a baby. Julie is desperate to keep her marriage together. And Anna? She's just desperate.

Three couples. Two siblings. One affair. Six lives changed forever.


Julie Louise - Charles

Peter - Trevor Dale

Anna - Imogen Parfitt

Nick - Andy Camichel

Maria - Francesca Alfano

Sam - Fay Augustus

Director - Aidan Moran


Progress Premieres 2019