Progress Premieres 2017

Progress Premieres

Monday 24 April – Saturday 29 April 2017, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open at 7.15pm.

Following on from the success of ten years of WriteFest, and as part of our commitment to supporting local writers and directors, Progress Theatre is proud to present an evening of two one-act plays:

The Writer Bird by Emily Goode

A journey down the writing rabbit hole. Drawing on both physical and absurdist theatre for its inspiration, it is in some senses a call to arms to our local writers. It is written by Emily Goode, whose work has frequently been performed at WriteFest.

  • Writer - Owen Goode
  • Character  - Bethan Perkins

Directed by Rik Eke


The Swastika Party by Paul Levy

Set in London’s East End in 1941, a city  shrouded in smoke, and destruction. The heart of the Blitz. This is a story about friendships under pressure and how symbols can impact on their lives. Written by Paul Levy, this play has become increasingly relevant to our changing political landscape.

  • Sarah - Megan Turnell
  • Mary - Emma Wyverne
  • Kitty - Stephanie Gunner
  • Vicky - Sam Bessant

Directed by Maria Hackemann

Progress Premieres, April 2017