The Last Quiz Night on Earth

Hogfather11-16 March

It's the end of the world... The last night on Earth. An asteroid is heading straight for us and there's nothing we can do about it...

Except for maybe host a pub quiz – which is exactly what landlady Kathy and her quizmaster Rav are doing.
But, with time ticking, some unexpected guests explode on the scene – Bobby wants to settle old scores, and Fran wants one last shot at love.

Alison Carr's play The Last Quiz Night on Earth is an innovative comedy-drama featuring a fully interactive pub quiz for the audience to participate in, complete with real teams, real questions and real swapping each other's answers for marking.

‘The end-of-the-world quiz waits for no man, literally. Onwards, ever onwards, to our fiery decline. Round three…'

There is a relaxed performance, with reduced capacity, on Monday 11th March.


Cast List

  • Kathy - Emma Sterry
  • Rav - Barnaby McArthur
  • Bobby - Peter Chamberlain
  • Fran - Lucy Bell

Content Warnings:

  • Recommended viewer age 14+
  • Contains use of 1 homophobic slur

Please note: This show is immersive and interactive, as the audience are invited to participate in the quiz as part of the show. This means you'll be given an answer sheet and pen to complete the answers, will swap with other teams to mark the answers, and the actors will speak directly to you. At no point will you be asked to come up on stage, or given anything more complex to do than the quiz. If you're very introverted, or not comfortable with being spoken to directly by the actors, you may prefer to select seats nearer the back of the auditorium when booking.

Directed by Stephanie Gunner-Lucas.

Past event