HOGFATHER by Terry Pratchett
HOGFATHER by Terry Pratchett7-16 December

It’s the night before Hogswatch, usually a time of joy, but it’s too quiet. Where is the big fat jolly Hogfather? And why is Death creeping down chimneys and trying to say 'Ho Ho Ho’?

With suspicious goings-on in the criminal underworld and Discworld's entire mythical system under threat, Susan the gothic governess has to sort it all out before morning, otherwise there might not be another morning ever again.

A hugely entertaining festive treat for newcomers to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and a delight for existing fans. Suitable for ages 8-108.

There is a relaxed performance, with reduced capacity, on Sunday 10 December.

Runtime: 2 hours, 20 minutes (includes an interval of 20 minutes).

Production photos

Hogfather - Press Photos (2023)

Directed by Chris Moran.


Anaglypta Huggs (Choirmaster) Sam Sladden
Narrator (Nanny Ogg) Liz Carroll
Lord Downey Joseph O'Leary
Susan Sto Helit Megan Turnell Willett
Gawain Gaiter Noah Thomas/Callie Wenham
Twyla Gaiter Flora Alden/Niamh McConalogue Bracewell
Mrs Gaiter Steph Dewar
Sir Geoffrey Gareth Davidson
Lord Reginald Waffleton Iesa Khan
Other Party Guests Ali Carroll, Dimitrios Paximadas
Auditor One Steph Dewar
Auditor Two Gareth Davidson
Auditor Three Harriet Wooldridge
Jonathan Teatime Dean Stephenson
Hibiscus Dunelm lesa Khan
Chickenwire Michael Webber
Medium Dave Lilywhite Ali Carroll
Banjo Lilywhite Dimitrios Paximadas
Virginia Prood (voice) Isabelle Alvarez
Violet Bottler Flora Paulo
Mr Sideney Sam Sladden
Tooth Fairy Guard lesa Khan
Albert John Goodman
Crumley Joseph O'Leary
Corporal Nobbs Liz Carroll
Lance Constable Humpeding Harriet Woodridge
Mustrum Ridcully Gareth Davidson
Ponder Stibbons Steph Dewar
Bilious Freddie Meader
Charlie Joseph O'Leary
Rufus Sam Sladden
Drumknott Hex (voice) Iesa Khan
Tooth Fairy Liz Carroll
Toymaker Michael Webber
Duck Man Liz Carroll
Foul Ole Ron Ali Carroll
Coffin Henry Dimitrios Paximadas
Arnold Sideways Steph Dewar


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