by William Shakespeare

12-21 October 2017, performances at 7.45pm
Doors open at 7.15pm. Finish at 10.45pm

William Shakespeare’s most famous play is given a new twist on the Progress stage. In a world which parallels our own, Hamlet mourns the loss of her royal father whilst her uncle seizes the throne and takes her newly-widowed mother as his Queen. An encounter with her father’s ghost drives Hamlet to agonies of despair and the edge of madness. Should she suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune? Or take arms against a sea of troubles?


Henley Standard''In this intimate space, actors really engage with the audience. They speak to you directly of the play’s powerful emotions: loss, bewilderment, anxiety, grief. This is a memorable production by a talented cast and production team. See it if you can!"

Explore Reading- "Progress Theatre have made sure the women in this production of Hamlet are not frail. They are pained, they are inspired, they are modern. Go and see their bold take on one of the world’s greatest plays."

The Whitley Pump - "Progress is a theatre with ambition, courage and  enthusiastic actors who seem to pull off most theatrical challenges with brio and aplomb...
...I strongly recommend you go and see it.

Hamlet 2017


Megan Turnell Hamlet
John Turner Claudius
Liz Paulo Gertrude
Kate Shaw Horatio
Tanvi Virmani Ophelia
Alex Critchley Laertes
Richard Tripp Polonius
Jim McGuigan Ghost of Hamlet's father
Steph Dewar Marcellus, Player King, Osric
Tara O’Connor Bernardo, Player Prologue, Gravedigger 2
Emma Doyle Francisco, Player Queen, Priest
Mikhail Grozny Gravedigger 1, Dane
Izzy Hayden Rosencrantz
Chloe Stoakes Guildenstern
Claudia Wittkowske  Lucianus, Player

Directed by Aidan Moran