16th WriteFest

16th WriteFest banner

2-5 November 2022

The 16th Annual WriteFest presents 6 new short plays by local writers, providing an evening of varied entertainment.

  • Airborne by David Salisbury
  • Albatross by David Pearson
  • An Angel with One Wing by Paul Gallantry
  • Heart of Lightness by Robert Kibble
  • How Gentle is the Rain by Phillip Mannion
  • Missing by D J Wilson

Content warning: The play How Gentle is the Rain includes a scene of sexual assault which some people may find disturbing. We will offer an extended interval to anyone wishing to avoid this.

Performance ends: 9.50pm (matinĂ©e ends 4.35pm)


Note that Wednesday is Come As You Are night and that a socially distanced performance is available on Thursday 3 November.


Albatross by David Pearson (dir Christine Moran)

  • Natasha Hall as Cat 
  • Assunta Palladino as Billie

Airborne by David Salisbury (dir Neil Jarvis)

  • Chris Moran as Julie 
  • Katie Moreton as Charlie 
  • Paul Gittus as Matt

Heart of Lightness by Robert Kibble (dir Michaela Ramos Tremlett & Paul Haigh)

  • Isabel Vernon as Lorna
  • Nick Gallo as Harry 

How Gentle is the Rain by Philip Mannion (dir Caroline Elizabeth White)

  • Juliet England as Mother
  • Katie Upton as Katya/Chorus
  • Assunta Palladino as Katya/Chorus
  • Tash Hall as Katya/Chorus

Missing by Debra J Wilson (dir Lauren Boys)

  • Guy Nicholls as Shepherd 
  • Nancy Gittus as Perry
  • Isabel Vernon as Carly

An Angel with One Wing by Paul Gallantry (dir Thom Ripper)

  • Paul Gittus as Dr John London
  • Chris Gunner-Lucas as William Notley
  • Nick Gallo as Simon 
  • Jonathan Pursglove as Worshipper
  • Freddie Meader as Worshipper

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