Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense

by P.G. Wodehouse. Adapted by David and Robert Goodale 

2-10 September 2022, and online 17-18 September 2022 Past Event

Bertie Wooster is staging a one-man show about his recent experiences at the country house, Totleigh Towers, but soon discovers he needs help to tell the story...

Ably helped by his valet, Jeeves, and Aunt Dahlia's butler, Seppings, watch as the events of the weekend unfold:

  • Who will end up with the silver cow creamer?
  • Will Madeline and Gussie call off the wedding??
  • Does Constable Oates find his Policeman's helmet?


  • Bertie Wooster - Dan Clarke
  • Jeeves - Owen Goode
  • Seppings - Jeremy Radburn

Directed by Laura Mills

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