Dark Sublime

by Michael Dennis

17 – 22 January 2022

Former sci-fi icon Marianne doesn't know what to expect when Oli comes knocking on her front door. He turns out to be a die-hard fan of her old TV show who's come looking for her autograph. As the two learn more about each other, they soon find that their worlds are not as distant as they first seemed. As Oli pushes her back into the past and a strange, outrageous world she hasn’t visited in almost 40 years, Marianne must find her own way into the future – and together they begin to discover what every good relationship needs: time and space.

Now available to watch online!

We will be streaming a recorded performance from 29-30 January. Simply book your ticket and you'll receive a link and password to view this fantastic show from the comfort of your own home.



"There is plenty to laugh at... an accomplished production" - Close-up Culture

"Dark Sublime is a bittersweet, nostalgic examination of real life — and life as enacted on screen — engagingly staged by Progress." - Henley Standard 


  • Marianne/Ragana  Melanie Sherwood
  • Oli/Vol  Dean Stephenson
  • Kate/Kayla  Ali Carroll
  • Suzanne/Jaylin  Steph Gunner-Lucas
  • Bob/Vykar  Gareth Saunders
  • Kosley  Jo Metcalf

Director: Aidan Moran

Past event

Ragana Jaylin Vykar Kayla Vol Marianne Bob Suzanne Kate Oli

Photos: Aidan Moran