The Haunting of Hill House

by F Andrew Leslie,
from the novel by Shirley JacksonHaunting graphic

Monday 24 – Saturday 29 February 2020

In this classic American gothic horror story, Dr. Montague hopes to find scientific evidence of the existence of the supernatural. He rents Hill House for a summer and invites people whom he has chosen because of their experiences with paranormal events. Of these, only Eleanor and Theodora accept. They will live in isolation with Montague and his assistant (and heir to Hill House) Luke. Meanwhile, a housekeeper tries to warn them of the horrors within, and Dr. Montague’s wife and her assistant turn up with their more traditional approach to spiritualism.

Performances run for about 2h 25m, including a 20m interval. 
Evening performances end about 10.10pm, matinée about 4.55pm.

Car parking is available.


Paul Gallantry - Dr Montague
Josephine Metcalf - Mrs Montague
Anushka Samarasinghe - Eleanor Vance
Rebecca Douglas - Theadora
Ollie Mullins - Luke Sanderson
Pete Cook - Arthur Parker
Carole Hewitt - Mrs Dudley

Directed by Matt Tully


"...this ghostly roller coaster trajectory towards an extraordinarily emotional denouement. This is truly thrilling theatre – don’t miss it!: - The Whitley Pump