Top Girls

by Caryl Churchill

Top Girls banner

3 - 8 June 2019, performances at 7.45pm

Marlene is a successful businesswoman, but what has her promotion cost her? 

Caryl Churchill's play addresses the themes of the 1980s, using famous women of the past to examine the choices women need to make to succeed in a man's world.


  • Marlene - Megan Turnell
  • Waitress - Poppy Price
  • Isabella Bird - Melanie Sherwood
  • Lady Nijo - Heather Eley
  • Dull Gret - Sandra Matthew
  • Pope Joan - Liz Carroll
  • Griselda - Anya Valenova
  • Joyce - Chris Moran
  • Kit - Juliet Moir & Elisabeth Kӧnigshofer
  • Angie - Poppy Price
  • Nell - Stacey-Anne Manuel
  • Win - Elisabeth Kӧnigshofer
  • Jeanine - Poppy Price
  • Louise - Ali Carroll
  • Mrs Kidd - Susan Brown
  • Shona - Debbie Stenlake

Directed by Beckie Moir

There will be two 15 minute intervals.


"In an electrically charged final scene between the two sisters, an extraordinary secret is revealed… " - The Whitley Pump

"...split-second timing from the cast, who were clearly well-rehearsed. Well done to the costume team for so vividly signifying six distinctive characters from different times and cultures." - The Henley Standard

"...dive in to this hilarious yet touching ‘80s revival, backed by a powerful script worth revisiting." - ExploreRDG



This amateur production of “Top Girls” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.