by Sebastian Faulks
Adapted by Rachel Wagstaff

Birdsong banner

8-17 November 2018, performances at 7.45pm
Matinées at 2.30pm on 10 & 17 November 2018
Special commemorative performance at 4.30pm on 11 November

“No child or future generation will ever know what this was like, will ever understand”

Based on Sebastian Faulks’ international bestselling novel, Birdsong tells the story of a soldier haunted by his past. As a young man, Stephen Wraysford was caught up in an all-consuming love affair in Amiens, France. As the First World War unfolds, Stephen finds himself pulled closer and closer back to Amiens, back to the Valley of the Somme…

Birdsong is a tale of one man’s quest to understand how far mankind can go and still call itself human…

Special Commemorative Performance

There was a special commemorative performance on Remembrance Sunday - 11 November - to raise funds for the British Legion - at 4:30pm.

We are extremely proud to announce that Progress Theatre has been granted two ‘There But Not There’ silhouettes to display during the run of Birdsong, awarded from the Armed Forces Covenant. These two silhouettes will represent the men from our local community who never came home.

International theatre magazine interviewed Steph Dewar (Director) about Birdsong. Take a read.

Reviews for Birdsong:

  • "The production has been a labour of love" ... "This riveting and compassionate drama demands to be seen..." -   Henley Standard.
  • "This is exquisitely heart-wrenching theatre. We will remember them ..." - The Whitley Pump.
  • "...spotlights a number of cinematic moments, especially as the men are captured in silhouette as they prepare to go over the top. It’s a particularly harrowing visual of young, unprepared men bracing themselves for slaughter. " - Explore Reading



Stephen - Charlie West
Isabelle - Steph Gunner
Jack - Craig Daniels
Jeanne - Emma Kellow
Arthur Shaw - Gareth Saunders
Evans/Levi - Harry Petrie
Turner/Orderly/Chaplain - Matthew Urwin
Lisette/Prostitute - Esther Arzola
Gregoire/Tipper - Jack Hygate
Azaire/Captain Gray - Peter Chamberlain 
Berard - Alex McCubbin
Marguerite/Nurse - Clare Bird

Directed by Steph Dewar



This amateur production of “Birdsong” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.