Progress Poster Design Competition

Are you an artist or do you know one? Would you like an opportunity to have your work displayed widely and acknowledged?

Submit a design for our poster design competition at Progress Theatre!

We put on a show every month with a variety of genres and themes to choose from (although not all are in this competition). If your design is chosen by the director, it will appear on all marketing materials for the show, including posters, leaflets, this website, Facebook events and posts and the programme. You will also be credited in the programme as the designer.

It's easy to do: just send your design via email to

Please make sure you read the specifications before submitting!


  • High resolution image (or available in high resolution)
  • Preferably JPEG or PNG
  • Compatible with A5/A4/A3 portrait format
  • With space in the image at top and bottom for us to put in the theatre information
  • It's up to you whether you wish to include the title and/or author name as part of the design but please do not include any other text


  • Birdsong (by Sebastian Faulks, Adapted by Rachel Wagstaff) - Sunday 10 June: We have been granted a very special opportunity to perform Birdsong over the period of the Centenary of the Armistice – exactly 100 years after the First World War ended. We will be working in conjunction with the Royal British Legion to commemorate this anniversary.
    “No child or future generation will ever know what this was like, will ever understand”
    Based on Sebastian Faulks’ international bestselling novel, Birdsong tells the story of a soldier haunted by his past. As a young man, Stephen Wraysford was caught up in an all-consuming love affair in Amiens, France. As the First World War unfolds, Stephen finds himself pulled closer and closer back to Amiens, back to the Valley of the Somme…
    Birdsong is a powerful and compelling story about courage, love, friendship and the horrors of war – it is a tale of one man’s quest to understand how far mankind can go and still call itself human… DIRECTOR NOTES: I would like the poster design to incorporate the horror of war, alongside the idea of love. My only stipulation is that I would like a poppy to be placed inside the O in Birdsong. I am happy to discuss any ideas or offer further information about the play - 
  • Progress Premieres - Two one-act plays by local writers - Saturday 15 September
  • Jerusalem (by Jez Butterworth) - Monday 15 October: DIRECTOR NOTES: Please no designs involving a caravan!
  • A Doll's House (by Henrik Ibsen) - Friday 30 November: Nora Helmer has it all: two beautiful children; a lovely home decked out for Christmas; and a loving husband, Torvald, who has been newly promoted at the bank in which he works.  However, her idyllic life begins to unravel when Helmer’s old associate, Krogstad, reminds her of the fraudulent contract she made with him years ago.  Henrik Ibsen’s classic play, in a version translated by Samuel Adamson for the Southwark Playhouse, finds Nora on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment that still resonates in today’s modern world.
  • Top Girls (by Caryl Churchill) - Friday 15 February 2019: Marlene is a successful businesswoman in the 1980’s. But what has this post of Managing Director cost her? A truly contemporary themed play set in the 1980’s, which shows us Marlene at work, at play, and with her estranged family with whom she has strained relationships. Caryl Churchill’s 1981 play examines the choices women need to make to succeed in a man’s world. A question still being asked by women nearly 30 years on; can women have it all? DIRECTOR NOTES: Could the title look like an 80s neon sign?