Auditions: WriteFest 2017

at Progress Theatre on Sunday 2nd July at 2pm.

Performances 6th-9th September 2017 Inc. Sat matinee.

Auditions at Progress Theatre are open to all.
If you are cast you will need to become a member.

Fairy Tails
By Debra Evitts

  • Old, Female, 50/60+
  • Shy, Female, 20s-30s
  • Foreign, Female, 20s-30s+

By Matthew Beswick

  • Elias, M/F, 18-25
  • Jenna, M/F, 25+
  • Bel, M/F, 18-25
  • Freya, M/F, 40+
  • Shopkeeper M/F, 18+
  • Man, M/F, 18+

All parts for this play are gender blind.

The Last Bus
By Alison Hill

  • Angela, Female, 60s
  • Howard, Male, 60s
  • Peter, Male, 40s-70s+

A Little Nibble
By John. R. Goodman

  • Theresa, Female 40s-60s
  • Caroline, Female 40s-50s
  • Philip, Male, 40s-60s

If It Be Now
By Marie French

  • Beth, Female, 20s-30s
  • Mike, Male, 20s-30s


By Ian Petrie

  • Hope, F, 18-25
  • Aunt Anna, F, 60s
  • Grandpa Jack, M, 60/70+
  • Anna, F, 20s
  • Vera, F, 20s,
  • Jack, M, 20s

We are also interested in hearing from people who want to learn lighting, sound or stage management. If you have any questions or can't make the audition date please contact Chris or Jordan (Producers) before 2nd July.

Chris - 07729 501350 or

Jordan - 07932 976693