Auditions: Maskerade

By Terry Pratchett, adapted by Stephen Briggs

Sun 17 September at 2pm or
Weds 20 September at 7.30pm at Progress Theatre

Performances 18-27 January 2018 including Saturday matinees

An adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s book, loosely based on The Phantom of the Opera.  All is not well in the Ankh-Morpork Opera House.  A ghost stalks the dark corridors, leaving strange letters for the management and killing people.  Granny Weatherwax and Nany Ogg, two Lancre witches, investigate, and are soon involved in all kinds of skullduggery, mayhem and ear-splittingly loud singing. A treat for Discworld fans but also very accessible for those new to Terry Pratchett.

Characters without doubling:

Granny Weatherwax – a witch. Tall and thin. Female 60s+

Nanny Ogg – a witch. Short and dumpy. Female, 60s+

Agnes (Perdita) Nitt – not a witch. Curvy. A good singer. Female, 15-30s

Walter Plinge – a very odd-job man. M/F 15-40s

Mr Salzella – Director of Music. Male 20s-60s+

Mr Seldom Bucket – Opera Manager. M/F 40-60+

Senor Enrico Basilica/Henry Slugg – opera singer. M/F 30s-60+

Christine – opera star. Siim. Not a good singer. Female 15-30s

Mrs Plinge – Walter’s mum. Female, 50s-60s+


Characters that can be doubled:

Greebo – a cat in human form Male 18-40s

Dr Underschaft – Chorus Master M/F, 20-60+

Mr Goatberger – a publisher M/F, 20-60+

Tommy Cripps – scenery painter M/F, 14 -60+

Mr Pounder – rat catcher M/F, 20-60+

Snr Basilica’s Manager M/F, 18-60+

Andre – a painter M/F, 18-60+

Sergeant Detritus – City Watch, a troll M/F, 20-60+

Corporal Nobbs – City Watch, a human? M/F, 30-60+

Arno – the stage manager M/F, 18-60+

Hron – a stagehand M/F, 14-60+

Kevin – another stagehand M/F, 14-60+

Colette – a dancer Female, 12-40s

Solange – another dancer Female, 12-40s

Giselle – also a dancer Female, 12-40s

Maskerade script sample

Audtions are open to all,but if cast you will need to join Progress Theatre.  

If you have any questions or would like to be considered but can't make the audition dates please contact director Chris Moran on 07729 501350 or at or assistant director Jordan Emmett on 07932 976693 or at prior to the auditions.