Audition: WriteFest 2018

Auditions 3pm Progress Theatre, Saturday 4th August

(Except Weight of Words auditions
Thursday 9th August 7.30pm, Progress Theatre)

Performance dates: October 10th – 13th 2018

If you can’t make the audition date but would like to audition please contact

Anything I Can Do: 2F: 20-30s and 40s+. In a not too distant future a woman struggles to have a baby, in a world where babies are conceived and grown in labs.  

Dog on a Beach: 1M, and 1F,  any age, and 1M or F older age. Three dogs on a beach chase the waves and chat philosophy. A rollicking comedy.

EKHO: 3M or F. Any age. An exciting ensemble piece exploring how the same words can mean many things. Each actor will play multiple characters, including prison inmates and guards, corpses,  tattoo artists, and surgeons. Only 12 lines to learn!

Four Meals: 2M and 2F. 20s-30s. Two couples and their journey through 10 years of friendship, heartaches, and comic mishaps, told through 4 meals.

The Midnight Snack: 1 or 2M. 1F. Any age. A hard-boiled American detective is investigating the murder of a hot dog sausage in this glorious comedy. The actors will play multiple roles. American accents.

Weight of Words: 1F. Late 40s+. Female monologue. A woman who talks a bit too much has a decision to make, while she considers her journey through the stages of womanhood. (Please note different audition date: Thurs 9th August 7.30pm)

You’re Nicked!: 1M, and 1F both 30s+, and 2M or F one younger, one older. Criminal activities are concealed in a suburban house. Then the police arrive. A comedy/farce.