Audition: The Haunting of Hill House

Audition Notice:
by F Andrew Leslie, from the novel by Shirley Jackson

“You cannot put a name to what has no name”

Auditions (both at 7.30pm)
- Thursday 3rd October and
- Sunday 6th October

at Progress Theatre, The Mount, Christchurch Rd, Reading, RG1 5HL

- 24th to 29th February 2020.

- from 13th October, with a break over the festive season.

Cut off from the outside world by its remote location and shunned by all who know its forbidding and sinister reputation, Hill House has remained empty and silent for years.
Its isolation is broken by the arrival of Dr Montague. His mission is to delve into the morbid history of the house, and to come to grips with the occult forces that have made it uninhabitable.
Period: Late 1950s to early 1960s

All characters will require standard American accents except possibly Arthur Parker, who could be English.

- Eleanor Vance​. Female. Mid-20s to mid-30s. Unsophisticated, fanciful.
Has led a closeted existence for 11 years, looking after her terminally ill mother.

- Dr John Montague​. Male. Late 40s to late 50s. An anthropologist with a passion for parapsychology.
He rents Hill House and invites several people with perceived psychic powers. Avuncular and sympathetic.

- Theodora​. Female. Mid 20s to mid-30s.Young beautiful bohemian, confident, sophisticated and passionate about life.

- Mrs Dudley​. Female. 60 to 75. Housekeeper and cook at Hill House. She is dour and particular.
Appears intermittently and provides comic relief.

- Luke Sanderson​. Male. Mid 20s to mid-30s. A rakish young man, with a annoyingly positive attitude always with a childish joke at the ready.

- Mrs Montague​. Female. Late 40s to late 50s. Dr Montague’s wife. A domineering busy-body, whose word is law and has contempt for her husband’s methodical approach, preferring a more melodramatic attitude to spiritualism.

- Arthur Parker​. Male. Late 30s to late 40s. Brash imposing indelicate public-school PE teacher. Seems to be the polar opposite of Dr Montague. Has a sociopathic puppy-like devotion to Mrs Montague.

Auditionees are only required to attend one of the audition sessions, and do not need to prepare pieces. If anyone is unable to attend on these dates, but wishes to be considered, please contact the director.

The play is published by Dramatists Play Service Inc, and is available through Josef Weinberger.

The director, Matt Tully, can be contacted on 07769 969995, or by email at