Audition: Progress Premieres 2018

Premieres 2018Sunday 4th Feb at 6pm and Weds 7th Feb at 7.30pm
at Progress Theatre

Performance dates: May 16th-19th 2018


SH!T by Liz Carroll – directed by Aidan Moran

Edie is in a wheelchair unable to speak or move. She is helpless apart from her one weapon - sh!t which she uses against the abusive charge nurse.  Tom is a trainee therapist - eager to use his communication board.  He stirs memories - but what is real and what are Edie’s romantic fantasies? The woman in the box challenges Edie to remember.  The layers are peeled away and the sadness and horror of Edie’s real story emerges.


  • Edie – 70+
  • Woman in box  – Edie’s younger self, 20s-30s
  • Charge Nurse – Female, any age
  • Tom – Trainee therapist – male, 20s-30s
  • Edie’s Father – male, 40s-60s

The last 3 characters play themselves and other fantasy and remembered characters from Edie’s life.

Recovery Positon by Tony Travis – directed by Ali Carroll

A phone call brings the traumas of Francis’ past back to haunt him, and sets him on a voyage to confront them. But his journey home takes an unexpected turn, a turn that may lead to him away from healing and towards mental disintegration. But how much of what he tells us is real, and how much in his head? And will his ghosts finally be laid to rest?


  • Francis – male, 50s

There are also non-speaking roles for other actors to play the people in Francis’ life and be involved in creating the soundscape for the piece.

If you can’t make the audition date but would like to audition please contact producer Chris Moran at or on 07729 510350.  Chris will also be happy to forward scripts on request.