Audition: Progress Premieres 2019

(performances 1 - 4 May 2019)
Sun 13 January 2.30pm & Thu 17 January 7.30pm

at Progress Theatre

There will be a read through of both plays at Progress Theatre on Wed 12 December at 7.30pm – all welcome.  Doors open 7.00pm.


Peter’s Wife by Christine Moran, directed by Aidan Moran

Nick and Michelle are desperate to have a baby. Peter and Julie have a 5-year-old daughter but their marriage is disintegrating. Anna and Sam have only been married a short time – Anna doesn’t want children, but she doesn’t really know what she wants. Or does she? By turns funny, surprising and sad, this play follows the relationships between these six people, seen through the eyes of Peter’s wife as she narrates the story, shown in a series of flashbacks.

The Parts:

  • Peter – 30s-50s ∙     
  • Julie – Peter’s wife - 30s-40s
  • Anna – around 30 ∙     
  • Sam – Anna’s wife – 30s-50s
  • Nick – Julie’s brother – 30 ∙     
  • Michelle – Nick’s wife – 20s-30s


Equivocators by Dan Clarke, directed by Kate Shaw

Set during the aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, William Shakespeare arrives at the home of Ben Jonson in search of the missing pages of the Scottish play he is writing. The play’s title comes from a treatise encouraging English Catholics to “equivocate” under questioning - telling the truth about their religious allegiance would get them killed, but to lie about their faith was a sin in the eyes of God. At the heart of Equivocators lies the relatively unexplored, yet historically plausible supposition, about Jonson and Shakespeare’s roles in the Gunpowder Plot conspiracy and the on-going effects of the suspicion they faced in the months afterwards.

How do these two men of words argue about (among other things) one of the most pivotal moments in English history – when saying the wrong thing can get you killed?

The Parts:

  • Ben (M) – 20s-40s ∙     
  • Will (M) – 30s-50s

(Ages are flexible – it is more important to find two actors who complement each other, than get correct relative/historically accurate ages)


If you would like any further information, or are interested in auditioning but can’t make either date, please contact Producer Chris Moran at or on 07729 501350, or the relevant director: Aidan Moran – or Kate Shaw –