Audition: Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare


  • 13 March – 7.30pm or
  • 18 March – 4pm

at Progress Theatre

and call back: 21 March at Palmer Park Church, Small Hall – you will be contacted if required

Performances: 11-21 July in the Open Air

Much Ado About Nothing follows the return of soldiers from war. Packed with intrigue, double-crossing and plenty of laughter, Much Ado About Nothing is the perfect introduction to Shakespeare. Following the turbulent romances between Hero and Claudio and Beatrice and Benedict, this exploration of what loyalty, chivalry, and true love really mean empowers you to challenge your perceptions of relationships.

Our production will move the story from Italy to an English house at the conclusion of World War Two. It will be using the story of the lovers to explore the nature of the relationship between men and women as well as exploring themes of jealousy and class.

As this is our open air production, you will need strong projection.

Audition pieces and roles

Download the audition pieces as Word file (785k docx)



Characters auditioned

Others Required (non auditioned)


A2S1 till Revellers

Leonato, Beatrice,  Antonia



A2S1 thus I till Look she comes

Benedict, Claudio, Peter



A4 S1 Stand Friar to hath no mans

Leonato, Claudio, Hero, Peter

John, Benedict



Leonato, Dogberry, Verges



A4S1 How doth the Lady till Being that I flow

Leonato, Antonia

Hero, Beatrice, Benedict


A4 S1 Have you wept

Beatrice, Benedict



A1 S3

John, Conrade, Borachio



A3 S3

Dogberry,Verges, Oatcake, Seacole


Male: Leonato, Benedict, Claudio, Peter, John, Conrade, Borachio 

Female: Beatrice, Antonia, Hero

Either Gender: Dogberry, Verges, Oatcake, Seacole