Audition: Mother Courage and Her Children

Audition Notice – Mother Courage and Her Children

Mother Courage graphicBy Bertholt Brecht, translated by Tony Kushner

Directed by Rhys Lawton and Rachel Taylor

There are still opportunities to audition for this play: contact Rhys at

Show dates are 19-24 March 2018

"There are wolves around here, and people who're worse than the wolves."

War is good for business, business is good for Mother Courage. Pulling her cart across war torn Europe, Mother Courage supplies both sides of the battles; no sorrow is too much, no sacrifice is too great for her to forsake business. Brecdht's 1939 epic drama comments on the injustices, the paradoxes and the cost of war through song and painfully dark comedy.

We are looking for a company of 6 main characters and a chorus of supporting characters who are all mixed adult and youth performers.

Main Characters:

  • Mother Courage - adult performer
  • Kattrinn, her mute daughter - youth performer - Someone with a knowledge of BSL is strongly encouraged to apply, but this is not essential.
  • Eilif, her oldest son - youth performer
  • Swiss Cheese, her youngest son - youth performer
  • The Cook - adult performer
  • The Chaplain - adult performer
  • Chorus  approx. 8 mixed adult and youth performers 

Performers able to play musical instruments are strongly encouraged to audition and bring their instruments to the audition.

Any other talents you have: Magic, singing, tap dancing, etc. Bring along whatever equipment you need to demonstrate them. We want to see what you can do.

Rehearsals will be on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

if you have any enquiries or would like to audition but cannot make the dates, please contact co-director Rhys Lawton: