Audition: Jerusalem

Jerusalem Auditions: 23 Sep 5pm or 27 Sep 7.15pm

Performances: 7-16 February 2019

This great play got ecstatic reviews on both sides of the Atlantic, in no small part due to its memorable characters. Every role here is a joy and a challenge. Johnny Byron's caravan in the woods is a magnet for the local youth and others who come to share his drugs and tall tales. It's the day of the local fair and spirits, among other things, are high.

Cast in approximate age order:

MARKY – Johnny's small son. Younger primary school age. (see note below)

PHAEDRA – last year's May queen and seemingly an innocent teenage victim of some abuse. Good singing voice essential. 15.

PEA – a local girl, about 16. Naughty.

TANYA – Pea's friend, about 16. Even naughtier. Has a thing for Lee.

LEE – 18-23, due to fly to Australia the next day, despite having little money or sense.

DAVEY – young abattoir worker and Lee's friend. Cynical about everything, he lives for pleasure. He may be an accordion player, but not essential.

GINGER– underdog of the group, older than the others but somehow more child-like. Claims to be a DJ, but is an unemployed plasterer. (Open to actors of any hair colour!)

LUKE PARSONS – Council official, assistant to Linda.

2 THUGS – accompanying Troy. Non-speaking.

TROY WHITWORTH – local thug and step-father to Phaedra. Lots of personal animosity to Johnny.

DAWN – Johnny's ex-girlfriend and mother to Marky. Still has a soft spot for Johnny, though she knows it's hopeless.

LINDA FAWCETT – Council official. Comes to serve eviction notice on Johnny. Officious.

WESLEY – middle-aged pub landlord and old friend of Johhny. Worn down by his employer and his wife, he is looking for support.

JOHNNY "ROOSTER" BYRON – drunkard, corrupter of local youth, opinionated, eccentric ex-daredevil and teller of tall tales. Courts trouble and gets it. Many, many lines to learn.

PROFESSOR – vague and bumbling, the elderly professor is perhaps only understood by Johhny. Comic but with an inner sadness.

Where ages are given above they are character ages, actors may be older or younger. Some roles may be doubled.

If you, or your child, want to audition for the part of Marky - please contact the director at to arrange a quieter audition.



If you have access to a script, you may want to look at the following pages:


  7-8 Fawcett, Parsons, Johnny (Eviction notice) 

  13-17 with Professor, Ginger, and Johnny (Doctor Maureen Pringle) 

  20-21 Lee, Ginger, Johnny (Lee cracks up, telly story)

  58-62 Ginger, Lee, Pea, Tanya, Professor, Davey, Johnny (Points West)

  30-32 Lee, Pea, Ginger, Davey, Tanya ("He tried to jump twenty eighteen-wheelers")

  91-93 Wesley, Johnny (All the Queens of Flintock)

  78-82  Troy, Johnny [Pea, Ginger] ("Into your grave, Gypsy")

  100-104 Phaedra, Johnny (May Queen til 6)