Audition: Buddy Cop 2

Buddy Cop 2

By Hannah Bos & Paul Thureen

AUDITIONS – Sunday 30th July at 3pm & Tuesday 1st August at 7.30pm – Progress Theatre, Reading
PERFORMANCE – Monday 13th November to Saturday 18th November 2017
Rehearsals – Begin mid-August with two evenings per week increasing to three to include weekends in September 
Two the kind of quiet little town where a kid dreams of growing up to be a fireman. Or a racecar driver. Where the only question you ask yourself at the end of the day is if you're gonna knock back your cold one at Swanky's, Spanky's, or Zingers. A town where neighbors pitch in to help neighbors in need, and where if you wake up in the middle of the should keep your eyes closed. Because the man in red is there in the corner. Watching you. Smiling at you with his yellow eyes and black teeth. Best to pretend you're still asleep. 
In this early 80s comedic action/mystery of holiday nostalgia and athletic rigor, when a flood destroys the police station, the local cops set up shop in the nearby community center. Mysteries emerge. Criminals are chased. Racquetball is played. In this town, nothing is what it seems...or is it?

Characters (Playing age)

Darlene Novak – Mid 20s to early 30s – Female Police Officer, new to Indiana
Terry Olsen – Early to late 30s – Male Police Officer, Hometown boy
Don McMurchie – 40ish – Male Police Officer, Gruff exterior but a heart of gold
Skylar – 12 – Very frail girl with visions & Brandi – 13 – Governor’s daughter 
(Skylar and Brandi are to be played aging down by the same actress, 16-30)
This is a truly charming, offbeat play full of heart. Somewhere between Fargo and Twin Peaks lies this little town of Shannon, Indiana. 
Buddy Cop 2 script sample
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