Auditions: Brewster’s Millions

by Winchell Smith & Byron Ongley

Based on the book by George Barr McCutcheon

Auditions – Sunday 24th November - 2pm & Tuesday 26th November - 7.30pm

Performances – Thursday 26th March to Saturday 4th April 2020 (not on Sunday)

Auditions at Progress Theatre are open to all, and we fully support colour-blind casting. Successful auditionees will be required to become members of the theatre.

Monty Brewster has a problem, she’s just inherited £700 million. There is, of course, a catch - she needs to spend all the £100 million she had already inherited before she can get it and she only has a year to do it. Easy? Not for Monty. 

The challenge: Spend £100 million with nothing to show from it but the shirt on your back and tell no one what you are doing! This fast-paced, frantic comedy classic is brought into the 21st century retaining all the charm of the original as Monty tries to spend it all in secret and her friends all try to save her from herself.


The Angels of Debt: 

Montana ‘Monty’ Brewster – f, 20s/30s – Manically trying to spend all she can as quickly as she can. All the while trying to win over the girl of her dreams.

Annabel Vanderpool – f, 20s/30s – Lawyer, charmer, sharp-tongued and always on the hunt.

Norah Harrison – f, 20s/30s – Creative, loyal, may be quiet but always puts her friends first.

Francesca ‘Frankie’ Bragdon – f, 20s/30s – Will get them out of this mess however she can.

Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Joseph – f, 20s/30s – All too willing to give a piece of her mind to whoever will listen.

Subby Smith – f/m, 20s/30s – Has written an opera, just needs a little financing to make it big!


Mrs. De Mille – f, 40s+ - Matriarch of the group, although a bit of a gossip.

Polly Gray – f, 20s/30s – The only one that Monty will listen to. Strong willed and can never be bought.

Bobby Gardner – m, 20s/30s – All the ladies love Bobby, according to Bobby. 

Sir Andrew Gardner – m, 40s+ - Not the world’s most successful financier.

Janice Armstrong – f, 20s/30s – Her new book on Platonism is going to change the world.


Rawles* – f/m, any age – Monty’s brand new and forever loyal butler.

Ms. Grant* – f, 30s+ - The Lawyer who controls ‘the challenge’.

Trixie Clayton* – f, 18-30 – Subby’s Songbird. Can she sing? Doesn’t matter, she’ll be a star.

Bargee* – m, 30s+ - French agent for a grand carnival Monty intends to the throw.

The Captain* – m, 30s+ - Runs the cruise that may not go to plan.

Miss Boynton* – f, 20s+ - May be the world’s most put upon secretary.


*Some supporting roles may be doubled.


Rehearsals are scheduled to start on Friday 6th December, with two rehearsals prior to Christmas before full schedule starting in January. Audition pieces will be available from 3rd November, on request. You do not need to prepare anything for these auditions. If you would like to audition but cannot make the advertised dates, or if you have any further questions, please contact director Dan Clarke,