Audition: Betrayal


Sunday 26th February at 2:30pm and Tuesday 28th February at 7:30pm at Progress Theatre, The Mount, Christchurch Road, Reading, RG1 5HL

Production: 12th – 17th June 2017 at Progress Theatre, with no matinee

Shown in reverse chronological order, Betrayal explores and explodes the classic love triangle in Harold Pinter’s unconventional fashion, opening in 1977 with the end of the seven-year-long affair between Emma and Jerry - lifelong friend of her husband Robert - and heading back to its roots in 1968.  The play explores how people seek emotional security, self-identification and the truth but find communication virtually impossible.  Instead through lies, games and deceit, it is the things that are left unsaid that are most compelling.

Cast breakdown (playing ages are a guide only):

Emma – runs an art gallery and wife to Robert.  Alluring and enigmatic with a tough exterior belying the emotional vulnerability underneath.  (Late 30s – 50s)

Jerry – writer and Robert’s friend.  Impulsive, restless, thinks himself a romantic. (Late 30s – 50s)

Robert – publisher and husband to Emma.  Controlling and dominant with more than a hint of misogyny.  (Late 30s – 50s)

Waiter – the consummate professional.  (30+)

Auditionees are only required to attend one of the two audition sessions, and do not need to prepare any pieces for the auditions.  If anyone is unable to attend on these dates but wishes to be considered, please contact the director using the details below.  Auditions at Progress Theatre are open to all and if you are cast you will need to become one if not already.  Rehearsals will start in early March with the three main actors required where possible.   

The play is available through Amazon, from Samuel French or in Reading Central Library.

The director, Adrian Tang, can be contacted on 07875336198 or by email at