Audition: The Children

Sun 9 June   6.30 – 9.30 pm   Progress Theatre (Foyer)

Weds 12 June    7 – 10 pm   Progress Theatre (Foyer)

Performances: Monday 7 – Saturday 12 October 2019 (no matinee)

The Children is a near-future drama about the aftermath of a catastrophe at a nuclear power station, exploring the responsibilities we have towards future generations. Hazel and Robin, two retired nuclear scientists are living in the wake of a disaster at the local power station where they used to work. Even though electricity is rationed and a Geiger counter is on hand to check for signs of radiation, they seek to preserve a semblance of normality. But when Rose, a fellow nuclear physicist whom they haven’t seen for 38 years, suddenly turns up, their precariously ordered existence is disrupted, and they are forced to consider the impact of their lives on the next generation.

Cast breakdown: 2F (60+); 1M (60+)

These roles are a great opportunity for older actors.  The play focuses a great deal on the relationships and emotions of the characters and there are lots of undercurrents as the story slowly unfolds.  Each character has his/her own story and journey and they all experience a range of emotions.

Director: Ali Carroll (    07831 488809

Producer: Beckie Moir (

Auditions at Progress Theatre are open to all, and we fully support colour-blind casting.  You do not have to be a member to audition but would need to become a member if cast.